Welcome to the Monster Party!

A party unlike any other. You'll be greeted by your monster waitresses Tsukiyo the kemono
and Monaka the cyclops. Please take a look at our menu filled with delicious treats and drinks
and then soak in the fun atmosphere of the party space! Indoor and outdoor options available!

Your Hosts:

Opening Times:

Monday: 15:00-20:00
Tuesday: 15:00-20:00
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 15:00-21:00
Saturday: 12:00-21:00
Sunday: 12:00-20:00
(Last order is an hour before close)



















The entrance is at the back of the building.
The easiest way to find it is to walk down the thin alley
directly opposite "Gachapon Kaikan" in Akihabara.
You'll see our banner up on the 8th floor!
Please pass the bike shop signage for their work area and enter the building at the end.
Then you just have to take the elevator up to the 8th Floor!

Suehirocho Station (Metro):........30 Second walk
Akihabara Station (JR):........5 Minute walk


Photo Studio /
Event and Cafe Rental:

Do you want to use our space for a photo shoot or music video?
Would you like to host an event or your own cafe for the day?
Please take a look at our prices and availability below!
Feel free to contact us at contact@monsterparty.cafe for any questions or bookings!


Private Photo and Video Studio:

Limited to 14 people at a time (9 large costumes max)
You are responsible for loss or damage of both your own and cafe property
Kitchen and staff room space is off limits
Use of the shower is ¥1000 for the day (please bring your own towels)
Various lighting options for floor and ceiling. Additional photo studio lights are provided

Monday: (Full Day) ¥35000
Tuesday: (Full Day) ¥35000
Wednesday: (Full Day) ¥30000 (Half Day) ¥20000
Thursday: (Full Day) ¥30000 (Half Day) ¥20000
Friday: (Full Day) ¥35000
Saturday: (Full Day) ¥40000
Sunday: (Full Day) ¥40000

(Full Day: 11:00-22:00) (Half Day: 11:00-16:00 or 17:00-22:00)


Event and Cafe rental:

Are you are looking to run a single day event with clients or customers?
Do you want to serve food, drinks or snacks?
You can rent our full cafe space including the kitchen for your needs.
Priced at ¥50000 for every day. Please email us to arrange.


Q. Can i bring my own costume?
A. You certainly can! During cafe hours we ask that only partial costumes are brought in.
Something you can put on and take off your table. If you wish to bring a full costume then you will need to book a photoshoot time.

Q. Can i take photos or video?
A. It is ok to take photos of the cafe and staff in costume.
You can buy a customized poloroid photo of yourself together with the monsters for ¥500.
No tripods or large photo set ups during cafe hours.
For video, please check with the staff if it is ok.

Q. Are there any souvenirs?
A. Yes! We have a little shop section with Kemono and Chimofriends themed goods!
If there is an item you would like us to sell. Please let us know.

Q. Can i meet (Name) monster staff member?
A. Since our monsters alternate working time. We can not guarentee that they will be available.
If you contact us in advance (either by Email or Twitter)
We can help organise your meeting with your favorite monster!

Q. Are there any additional fees for the Cafe?
A. There is an entry fee of ¥500 which gives you 90 minutes of time. It is possible to renew.

Q. Is there any internet access?
A. Yes! we have super fast 1GB up and 1GB down available for all customers at no extra cost.

Q. Pokemon Go?
A. Yes!


+81 3-6260-9258